We could use more racing games like Power Drive 2000


Racing games have flattened. There are still kart racers and there are still realistic racers (with mild middle ground for realistic-looking arcade racers, like Forza Horizon) and that’s it. Why? Where are the horse racers and Wipeouts and pod racers?

Even karts might have stalled again like my mom’s ex husband’s 70’s-era Pontiac Firebird dying on the freeway, what with ModNation being bad and Sonic Kart possibly not getting a sequel in accordance with Sega’s general apathy towards making games.

Set in the distant year 2000, Power Drive 2000 (on Kickstarter) is all about drifting, boosting, and looking dang cool. It’s a nice split between Project CARS and going full Dyad.

Steven Hansen