Wave 3 of Animal Crossing amiibo cards out next month

In Japan

Ah, the majestic amiibo. With Animal Crossing it has transcended a need for three dimensional form, reduce down to its utility: touch a thing against another thing. If that drinking game was enough to help you bear Animal Crossing amiibo Festival — it’s not even enough to help me bear the stylized lowercase “a” — and you, for some reason, want more Animal Crossing cards?

Well, wave three of the cards are hitting Japan on January 14 of next year. It’s got all your favorites like, well, uh, there’s a special Isabelle in a kimono. I’m struggling to remember most of these villagers’ names even though I recognize some of them like the evil red-eyed cow or that pink duck with the freckles or the nice white cat with a blue face. Anyways, Bob the Cat is the best.

If you’re not into transcendence there’s also a new wave of Animal Crossing amiibo figures.

Steven Hansen