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Warzone devs have nerfed C4 explosives, and the community is split

Some interesting tweaks.

Raven Software has dropped a nerf to reduce the effectiveness of C4 explosives, and while some Warzone players are delighted, a vocal group is not pleased with the decision.

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In a tweet late on June 18, Raven confirmed they had “shipped a minor update that includes changes to C4.” The patch reduced the explosive’s throw velocity by 15%, brought its radius down from eight to seven meters, and toned down outer radius damage from 155 to 138.

C4 has always been useful, and at times has been dominant in the meta. Most often, they are used to eliminate downed opponents, as you can simply throw one in the general direction of an injured enemy, press your trigger, and blow them back to the lobby.

Recently though, they’ve been used more often as an offensive weapon against opponents who are not downed, and players were complaining about their range and the damage output, so it’s no surprise that many of the comments in response were in favor.

However, there were dissenting voices too, with some calling it “lame,” while others suggesting they should have been focusing on other things, like the upcoming nerf for the Kar98k or issues with anti-cheat or the game’s party system.

For some, the nerfs simply don’t go far enough, with a player named Tom responding: “That’s barely a change at all, still going to be overpowered.”

Still, it’s an improvement on days gone by, when the C4 was so powerful that you couldn’t spot an opponent without seeing a C4 flying through the air toward you. This nerf isn’t going to make them unusable, but should make them a little more balanced. If you can throw one and get it at your enemy’s feet, you’ll still be able to blow them to smithereens, so I wouldn’t suggest ditching them from your loadouts just yet.

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