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MW3 devs are finally nerfing the overpowered Kar98k, but not everyone is happy

It's badly needed some tweaking.

The Kar98k has been one of Modern Warfare 3‘s most controversial weapons, with its powerful one-shot nature drawing huge criticism from the community. Now, Sledgehammer has confirmed that it’s getting nerf, but not everyone is pleased about it.

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Introduced in Season 4, the Kar98k has been the subject of intense scrutiny, with plenty of players begging Sledgehammer to make it less powerful. Finally, we now know that the Kar98k will be tweaked with the Season 4 Reloaded patch, with the developer posting a comment on Reddit to announce the move.

Instead of universal delight though, a group of players is voicing their unhappiness at the decision, with many claiming that the other weapons in the game and aim assist are the problem, not the sniper rifle.

“Please just nerf the aim assist and make the last damage range not be a [one hit kill]—It’s still 50 meters, that’s perfectly enough for a marksman rifle,” wrote DeminoTheDragon, while l4derman agreed: “Nerf all controller assistance not individual weapons.”

“Why not just buff the other guns?” asked Necessary-Travel-683. “This seems like a really poor decision, people will complain about a particular item that the masses use when they continuously get killed by said item. More people enjoy the Kar98k, the issue is the lack of other viable guns at the moment, we need more buffs not nerfs all round.”

Beneficial-Yam4306 concurred, writing: “The reason the Kar98k is so dominant is that every other gun sucks! Stop getting in the way of other people’s fun time. You guys took forever to give us a good sniper, stop screwing it up!”

While these guys make some convincing arguments, I have to admit that I’m heavily in favor of the nerf, as I’m sick of getting no-scoped by guys running the Kar98k on small map moshpit. The weapon is simply too strong when compared to others, and while buffing everything would be nice, it’s more reasonable to tweak one weapon rather than one hundred.

I for one can’t wait for Season 4 Reloaded now, which is expected to release on June 26.

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