Warzone 2.0 pro tips and strategy guide. How to win
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Warzone 2.0 pro tips & strategy guide: How to win matches

Victory begins with your first loot

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Dropping into a match of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 can be nerve-wracking, for both newcomers and battle royale veterans alike. Whether you were around for the original Warzone or are checking this game out for the first time, there are some Warzone 2.0 pro tips you should know about that will get you well on your way to a victory.

Best Warzone 2.0 pro tips for winning matches

Below, you’ll find eight of the best Warzone 2.0 pro tips you can find for improving your gameplay. Some of these tips might seem obvious while others are more subtle changes that can mean the difference between an early trip to the Gulag and a first-place win.

Choose your landing zone wisely

First and foremost, every victory begins with the first step you take in a Warzone 2.0 match. It is imperative that you pick the right landing spot on the map in every match you do. If you aren’t gunning for the best landing spots in Al Mazrah, you’re already setting yourself up for failure.

For instance, you might end up too far away from the action or surrounded by dozens of players on all sides. Every player is different, with some liking a quieter loot cycle at the beginning while others prefer to go in guns-blazing.

Whatever your preference, try to aim for landing sites with plenty of loot near the middle of the map like Al Mazrah City or Ahkdar Village.

Communication is key

Unless you’re playing solo – which still doesn’t fully discount this tip – constant, quality communication is key to success. This is why it’s best to team up with people you already know and can chat with during the match. This is what pros do and how you garner the most victories.

But the communication needs to be on point. This means making proper call-outs about enemy locations, loot you found, and locations you’re heading to. If the entire team consistently communicates, you’ll already have a huge advantage over the other teams.

Don’t discredit the new feature in Warzone 2.0, though: proximity chat. When in or near a building, you can speak with the enemy players there. While this is mostly for troll purposes and TikTok, you can use this feature to come up with crazy moments like trading loot with other players or a temporary truce.

Don’t pick up everything

Speaking of loot, your first instinct might be to pick up everything you come across. This isn’t the wisest move in matches since your backpack space is limited. You can only hold two weapons in your hands and limited selections of explosives and the like.

If you constantly mash the loot button, you’ll likely make mistakes of switching a great grenade or tactical item with a type you won’t use. Speed is necessary in looting but it must be balanced well with careful consideration, which takes practice.

Save money for the right purchases

Cash, of course, is the one exception to the looting rule. Pick up any money that you see. That said, there is a delicate balance to cash where you might not want to spend it at every buy station you come across. By no means should you hoard money, but you shouldn’t spend it on something potentially unnecessary like a grenade just because you can.

Instead, you should save your money for the right purchases. When I play, I stick to the tried-and-true items of the UAV, loadout drops, heartbeat sensors, redeployments, precision airstrikes, and self-revives.

Create the best loadout for your favorite weapons

When it comes to loadout drops, this item is pointless if you don’t have the right loadout made ahead of time. It’s best to take your time researching and making the best loadout for your weapon class.

It’s also best to first find a weapon you like to use and then create a loadout based on it. After all, some pros might disagree with you based on preferences.

For example, some players may like a certain SMG like the Fennec but you prefer using the Lachmann Sub. Don’t compromise; simply find the best possible Lachmann Sub class in a situation like that.

Always be moving

The best Warzone 2.0 players know that constant flexibility and movement is key to victory. You should never stay in the same place for too long.

Not only does this make you vulnerable to the ever-closing circle but it can give away your position to enemies using UAVs. Stay on the move and you’ll be good to go. This isn’t the battle royale game to camp in.

Let the Gulag motivate you

Even the best Warzone 2.0 players end up in the Gulag at some point. No matter the reason why you got there, don’t lose hope or get discouraged. Realize what mistake you made, learn from it, and use the Gulag as a place to move forward.

The goal here is to win the Gulag match and get back into the match with a renewed sense of purpose. You can also use this second chance to immediately improve and change up your gameplay style. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the vast majority of my wins involved at least one teammate visiting the Gulag. It’s simply what you make of your mistakes.

Tweak your Warzone 2.0 settings

Lastly, your Warzone 2.0 settings can vastly improve your gameplay, depending on what you input regarding the UI, graphics, audio, and mechanics. Here are a few quick settings to change to better your chances of winning:

  • Turn off dynamic resolution
  • Cap your frame rate limit to match your monitor’s refresh rate (i.e. approximately 144FPS for 144HZ, etc)
  • Turn off on-demand texture streaming (only if you experience lag)
  • 100 FOV (optional but recommended for most players)
  • Affected ADS FOV
  • Default weapon FOV
  • Turn on soundness equalizer in your computer’s audio settings
  • Set horizontal and vertical sensitivity to 6 and 6 (change if necessary)

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