Best Warzone 2.0 landing spots: Al Mazrah City, Airport, more

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Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 features a massive new map for battle royale fans in Al Mazrah. This new location is vastly different from the Caldera and Verdansk maps of the past. With nearly 20 points of interest to choose as your starting point in matches, here are the 10 best Warzone 2.0 landing spots.

10 best Warzone 2.0 landing spots

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The Al Mazrah map is gigantic with its varied named locations. It is crucial in every match to start in the best place possible. Landing in the right spot can prepare you with excellent loot and opportunities to get started on the right foot. After all, starting out in the wrong location can mean the difference between a victory and a quick trip to the Gulag.

If you are struggling to figure out which place is to the best spot to land in Warzone 2.0, here are the 10 locations you should consider.

1. Al Mazrah City

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Starting off this list of the 10 best Warzone 2.0 landing spots is Al Mazrah City. This is the most prominent location on the map, being the largest single POI you’ll find on the map. In many ways, you can think of it like Verdansk’s Downtown area but for Al Mazrah.

If you want the densest set of skyscrapers full of countless loot and cash, this is the place to visit. With its off-center position, too, it gives easy access to almost any second circle.

2. Marshlands

Set south of Al Mazrah City are the Marshlands, a less populated area with few buildings. Mostly made up of rivers and luscious grassy terrain, the Marshlands are a solid starting point that I like to visit in matches.

Since it is close enough to the main city on the map, it means that I can stock up on some early weapons and cash without worrying about other players. Then, I can take a trip to Al Mazrah City with the ability to easily fight back against the many players there.

3. Ahkdar Village

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Ahkdar Village is by far my favorite landing spot on Al Mazrah. It is a large town that features dozens of homes and buildings for you to explore and loot. Even though it is moderately popular with players, there is plenty of room to find enough loot for you and your squad.

In addition, it is one of the most centralized locations with lots of other POIs around. If you need to get somewhere else fast, Ahkdar Village is the prime location to visit as it is smack dab in the middle of the action.

4. Airport

Just southeast of Ahkdar Village is the Al Mazrah Airport. This tighter locale is full of several interior areas and larger buildings. For those players who want to loot relatively in peace with only some light danger involved, this is a great place to go.

The best part about Airport is that you don’t have to sacrifice the benefit of being close enough to more popular destinations like the Observatory and Al Sharim Pass.

5. Observatory

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Speaking of the Observatory, this is the most central point of interest on the entire Al Mazrah map. This is a widespread locale atop the mountain range in the middle of the battle royale map. It has few buildings but its versatile layout with plenty of cover makes it solid for late-game encounters.

At the same time, it is great for a landing spot for those players looking to eliminate as many people as possible.

6. Hydroelectric

The other central named location in Al Mazrah is Hydroelectric, which you may recognize as one of the competitive maps in Modern Warfare 2. This is an industrial area that involves a complex hydroelectric plant.

With so many waterways and hidden buildings, Hydroelectric is a great place to engage in a lot of fights early on and find plenty of loot while not being exposed to too much danger.

7. Rohan Oil

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The western half of Al Mazrah is generally less interesting and worth landing at. But the appeal of places like Rohan Oil is for those players who don’t want to compete with too many others early in the match. It has a decent amount of loot plus some wonderful sniper spots, while still having solid access to the eastern half of the map.

8. Caves

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The Caves on the west half of the map is one of the most elaborately-designed areas and my favorite landing spot in this part of the region. There are numerous underground runways full of loot where SMGs and shotguns can show their firepower.

For those who might not like the idea of spending too much time underground, there are a few shacks above ground. They are also next to the river with easy access to the central part of the map.

9. Sariff Bay

When it comes to one of the most underrated landing spots on Al Mazrah, Sariff Bay is at the top. This small portside town has enough buildings to find plenty of loot to get started while offering you boats and vehicles to give you access to more populated locations to the north.

The smaller size of the town has the benefit of feeling compact and excellent for short-range players and those who wish to perch up on top of roofs for sniper views. It doesn’t have a ton of players who visit here but enough to get a few eliminations right at the start if you want.

10. Sa’id City

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Finally, Sa’id City is the primary town you should visit if you want a piece of civilization on the western side of Al Mazrah. This riverside city is decently large, making it solid for loot, especially in its massive mall, while also offering enough starting players to take out.

At the same time, the true benefit of Sa’id City comes from the main river it has access to. This river can quickly lead you to places like Al Mazrah City if the circle is closing.

Hopefully, these spots will make it easier for you to get well on your way to unlocking your weapon loadout in Warzone 2.0 and winning matches.

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