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Battle royale matches in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 are complex. There is so much to engage with, beyond simply the 100+ other players and circles. There are NPC enemies, too, like at the Warzone 2.0 Black Site that are an immense challenge. Unfortunately, getting there and gaining its rewards are easier said than done.

Warzone 2.0 Black Site key location, explained

The Warzone 2.0 Black Site changes with each match that you’re in. There is no set location where you can find this spot and obtain the best loot in the entire match. Instead, you’ll have to play fast and loose, ensuring that you’re able to go wherever you need to.

The Black Site location is tied to another spot on the map: the Stronghold. Strongholds are special locations that are randomly chosen at the start of the match. After the first circle closes, up to five Strongholds will appear with a tiny castle icon on the map.

Head here and you’ll face against a slew of powerful NPC enemies inside of a building. Taking down the Stronghold will lead players to the Black Site. There, you’ll be able to get the loot. But before you can visit the Black Site, you’ll need its key.

How to get the Black Site key

Warzone 2 Strongholds and Black Site Key.
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When it comes to the Warzone 2.0 Black Site key, the only way to get it is to conquer the Stronghold. Get there first and take note of Strongholds whose icons have turned red. That indicates that another team is already tackling that place.

You can invade a Stronghold that another team is in, but beware of both them and the tough NPCs. Defeat the NPCs first and then you’ll need to defuse the bomb in the middle of the Stronghold. If you’re the first team to do this, you’ll receive a free loadout drop and the Black Site key as a reward.

With this key now in hand, the Black Site location will appear for you on the map. This spot has a similar symbol to the Strongholds, being a tiny castle but with a key etched onto it. Head here and you’ll find even more enemies to face off against.

Black site rewards, explained

Black Sites hold the strongest enemies in a Warzone 2.0 match, potentially even more powerful than some players. You’ll generally face a group of enemies, led by a signature Juggernaut boss.

Your goal here is to work together with your team and take all of them out. If you succeed in this, you’ll obtain the best rewards in the entire lobby. If this is your first time completing a Black Site, you’ll get the exclusive Phantom’s Call weapon blueprint for the Vaznev SMG.

In addition, every time you get the Warzone 2.0 Black Site key from the Stronghold and clear the location, you’ll also get the best weapons in the lobby like the minigun and plenty of loot to get you ready for the endgame circles in the match.

Lastly, you’ll also receive an Advanced UAV so you can prepare by seeing which enemies are around you. Taking down the Black Site is the ultimate optional challenge in a Warzone 2.0 match — sometimes even harder than nabbing a victory — so good luck.

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