How to get Stronghold keys in Modern Warfare II’s DMZ mode

CoD DMZ stronghold

Get in loser, we’re storming the Stronghold

Call of Duty‘s new DMZ mode features a whole host of interesting new locations for players to discover, one of them being coveted, heavily guarded Strongholds. Whether you’re taking one on to complete a mission, grab some better gear, or simply for the challenge in and of itself, you’re going to need a key to get in there. Thankfully, they’re not too hard to find.

The Strongholds themselves aren’t too hard to find. They’re the buildings flying orange flags, and are usually positioned in strategic spots, like up on a hillside. You know you’re close when you start getting hit by a hail of gunfire. They’re also represented on the map by little icons that look like the parapet of a castle.

Exploration is your friend

The easiest way is to simply purchase a key from one of the buy stations, which will run you a hefty $5,000. You accrue cash in each match by finding valuable items, or sometimes straight up wads of cash, around the map, so make sure to scour some buildings to make sure you have enough money or items to sell at the buy station. Keep in mind that each buy station has a random assortment of items available for purchase, so if you don’t see one at first, try and try again. The buy stations are demarcated as little white shopping carts on the map, just like they are in Warzone.

The other method of getting ahold of a key is slightly less reliable, but still a viable one — simply kill some enemies and wait for one of them to drop the key. Make sure to check out all of the bodies once you’ve cleared out an area, because the key will be sitting with the rest of the loot (which you’ll likely be picking over anyway). The keys are a bright blue, which makes them easier to spot amongst the sea of browns and greys.

Getting the key is the hard part

Once you have a key, all you have to do is make sure you have it on you when you enter a Stronghold and voila — you’re in. If you’re looking to complete the Storm the Stronghold mission so you can continue moving up the ranks, it’ll still pop even if you’re not the one with the key. As long as you get in, whether it be with your own key or with the help of your teammates, you’re golden.

Strongholds may be a bit intimidating because of their high-powered enemies, but their caches of weapons and other resources will help you in the long run if you’re up for a battle. It might take a try or two, but you’ll be taking Strongholds like the best of them in no time. Happy hunting!

Noelle Warner
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