Want to know exactly how Xenoblade Chronicles 3D’s amiibo and StreetPass mechanics work?

I’ll show you with in-game screenshots

As some of you may know, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will ship with amiibo support. It’s not all that complicated — you touch Shulk to your New 3DS and you earn tokens that you can spend on in-game models or music tracks.

A lot of people have asked for a rundown of what exactly that entails, and since I have access to the game I figured I’d shed some light on the feature.

Basically, you’ll earn tokens by one of three ways — touching Shulk to your 3DS once per day (three tokens), using StreetPass (three tokens), or exchange Play Coins for them (a five Coin to one token exchange). You also earn 10 coins just by booting up the game for the first time. Once you have some currency to spend, you can use it to raffle for models or tunes by spending one token for a random piece you may already own (kind of like Crossy Road), or three to get a guaranteed new piece of content.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D uses the phrase “supported amiibo” which implies that other figures may work, but after tapping Shulk once my 3DS noted that I “cannot use amiibo any more today.” As you progress with the story, more extras will be unlocked for purchase (eight models and six tracks come standard). It’s a nice little way to add optional amiibo support to the game, but I really appreciate the three-pronged use of StreetPass and Play Coins as well — more games need to support the latter.

Check out the gallery for all the in-game details.

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