Very bad news: It doesn’t sound like Danny DeVito will be Detective Pikachu

Hear that? It’s my heart breaking

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I’m sorry to have to crush all our hopes and dreams, but it looks like Danny DeVito most likely won’t be voicing Detective Pikachu if the game is ever localized in English.

At an event in LA yesterday, DeVito was asked if he was aware of fans wanting him to voice Detective Pikachu to which he responded, “No. I don’t know what you’re talking about” before asking his fellow It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast members, “What the fuck is Pokémon?”

Devastating. But part of me wants to believe that he is just playing dumb because of an NDA with Nintendo. The rest of me realizes that DeVito is 71 years old and very well may be telling the truth and has no idea about the popular Nintendo franchise.

Maybe we should turn our hopes towards Matthew McConaughey?

Danny DeVito Doesn’t Even Know What Pokemon Is Probably Won’t Be Detective Pikachu [ttdila]


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