Vampire Survivors surprise drops on mobile

Vampire Survivors evolution

This is going to be dangerous for my free time

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[Update: Confirmed live on The Game Awards 2022 stream, yes, Vampire Survivors is officially out and free to play on mobile.]

Horde survival hit Vampire Survivors just landed on some new platforms. Vampire Survivors is now available on mobile, through the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Android.

The indie bat-blasting survival game seemed to drop out of nowhere, indicating this might have been a planned reveal for tonight’s show at The Game Awards 2022. Vampire Survivors is nominated for Best Debut Indie Game at tonight’s awards.

The iOS and Android versions of the game are both free-to-play, and will take up a little over 470 MB to download.

Overall, this mobile version looks to be the legit, real Vampire Survivors that has sucked away hours and hours of time on PC. For phone, there is an option to play with different orientations, vertical or landscape.

Interestingly enough, one of the mechanics in this F2P version of Vampire Survivors is the option to view ads. It looks like the ad option lets you get a revive, at the cost of watching a mobile game ad. Truly nothing in the vampire afterlife is free, I guess.

Survive the night

Ever since Vampire Survivors dropped into Early Access last December, it’s been a popular time-killer. Poncle’s blend of pixel art and limited gameplay as your little survivor tries to not get overtaken by hordes of nocturnal monsters is incredibly compelling.

That’s not all the Vampire Survivors in store for 2022, either. Poncle is releasing its first DLC for Survivors next week. Dubbed Legacy of the Moonspell, it will add a new map, characters, weapons, and more.

Now that the vampire survival can live on my phone? Between this and Marvel Snap, I’m going to be spending a lot of time playing some mobile games during the holidays.

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