(Update) Seven new creatures revealed for Pokemon Sun & Moon

Bruxish is so garish, haha

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[Update: Nintendo of America has produced a new video in English for the new creatures that you can watch below, which also includes the new Zygarde forms. You can also peruse the gallery below for high quality artwork for some of the confirmed characters.]

Nintendo really knows how to drip-feed info when it comes to the Pokemon and Smash Bros. series.

Here’s the latest info from the Sun & Moon camp — seven new Pokemon have been revealed through a new trailer that basically just showcases new creatures. According to Serebii, their names are Drampa, Togedemaru, Vikavolt, Cutiefly, Bruxish, Charjabug, and Tapukoko.

Man I have thoughts. First off, Charjabug is a bus worm. That’s kind of awful and amazing at the same time. Bruxish? What an ugly Pokemon — just hideus, and I’ll cringe every time I see him. I may avoid beaches just to get away. Togedemaru — cute as hell. He’s a little fluff ball mouse that’s an electric and fairy hybrid, and I’m so in on that.

However you feel about these new ‘mons, this is the kind of trailer fans wait weeks for. Watch it!

Pokemon Sun & Moon [Serebii]

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