(Update) Runbow is coming to 3DS as ‘Runbow Pocket’

Both 3DS and Wii U will get retail ediitons

[Update: Runbow is coming to 3DS digitally and at retail as Runbow Pocket, and is being re-released on Wii U at retail as well. Both physical editions for both platforms are called “Deluxe,” and will include the game and all DLC. Shantae will be added as a free download.]

Runbow is one of the many hidden gems of the past few years. It unfortunately wasn’t able to spread its wings on the Wii U and its low install base, but it might get a chance on 3DS based on an Amazon listing that confirmed the port.

Speaking to Nintendo Life, developer 13AM Games did note that the listing contained some “misinformation,” but that fans should tune into E3 to learn more. So basically, they confirmed it, the listing just might be a bit premature and not have all the bonuses listed (is Cross-Buy or Cross-Play a possibility?).

Either way I’m probably going to double-dip for this.

Runbow 3DS [Amazon via Nintendo Life]

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