(Update) It looks like we won’t be getting Monster Hunter XX in the west

So when is 5 coming?

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[Update: According to the official Monster Hunter Twitter account, Capcom has stated that, “We have not announced any plans to localize MHXX at this time.”

Whether that means it could still happen or not remains to be seen, but its bizarre how they gave an official statement to one website and are now seemingly going back on it. Maybe fan backlash is showing them the error of their ways?]

In an odd decision, it seems like Capcom isn’t going to be localizing Monster Hunter XX for Switch. While this isn’t the worst thing in the world (the Switch is region free), it seems particularly strange given the popularity of the series. The news was confirmed by GameSpot who directly asked Capcom about the fate of the game following the surprise announcement of Monster Hunter: World.

What this means for the potential of the 3DS version being localized is unclear. I’m guessing Capcom wants to make World the direction that the series takes, especially since the art style seems more suited to Western tastes. Either way, this is a bummer for fans of the series.

E3 2017: Capcom Not Bringing Switch Version Of Monster Hunter XX To The US [GameSpot]

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