Unknown Worlds is bringing a new sci-fi strategy game to Gamescom

Unknown Worlds sci-fi strategy game announcement

The Subnautica studio has a new IP on deck for Opening Night Live, and it’s turn-based

As August ramps up, more pieces in the Gamescom puzzle are falling into place. Subnautica and Natural Selection creator Unknown Worlds has already locked in the reveal of its next game — a turn-based sci-fi strategy game that’s a part of a “new IP.”

We’ll learn more about this strategy game during the Geoff Keighley-hosted Gamescom: Opening Night Live streaming showcase on August 23 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific.

According to Krafton, Inc., “Unknown Worlds co-founder and game director, Charlie Cleveland, will officially reveal a new IP set in a sci-fi world that features imaginative turn-based gameplay. Striking Distance Studios’ CEO Glen Schofield will also take the stage at Opening Night Live to share a new look at The Callisto Protocol, the upcoming next-generation survival horror game that is set to launch on Dec. 2, 2022.”

“So excited to finally share what I’ve been obsessed with, and working on every day, for quite a few years,” tweeted Cleveland. “OBSESSED.”

“We’ll show you lots of gameplay too,” Keighley added.

Krafton's plans for Gamescom 2022
Krafton’s Gamescom 2022 crew.

I honestly keep forgetting that Krafton owns Unknown Worlds, but this reveal should be a firm reminder. Previously, the pair described the new game as “genre-defining” and suggested it would have an Early Access launch; par for the course for this team.

Unknown Worlds has also been hiring for more Subnautica, so don’t sweat it

What about the next Subnautica? I’m all riled up thinking about the possibilities.

Last we heard, the team was looking for a senior narrative designer to take point on “the next game in the Subnautica universe.” Some of the most memorable moments are also the most terrifying, and while it’s good to have a wide appeal, freaky ocean exploration sets this series apart. Of course, it can’t be unsettling the whole time — calmer, quieter breaks need to be there too. There are a lot of directions the story can go from here.

Unknown Worlds has quite a bit of goodwill to spare, so whether it’s this new sci-fi strategy title or another Subnautica, they’ve got our attention. See you at Gamescom?

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