Unearthed Sweet Home commercial has a very grabby torso

A Halloween treat

Sweet Home is the weird, ugly step-father of the Resident Evil series. Never to be sold outside of Japan, the game’s mix of Dragon Quest-influenced mechanics and brutal, feel bad aesthetics weren’t likely to find much of an audience on the NES in 1990, but the game did OK in its home country. Since then, it’s been written about countless times, usually with regard to the film that was released alongside it, and/or its previously mentioned influence on the Resident Evil series. A lot of people know about the game, many have watched playthroughs of it on YouTube, but few have gotten around to really playing the darn thing

This commercial for the game may change that, though. Spotted in our Qposts and uploaded by the good folks at Chronotendo, this 60 second long short does a great job of selling the whole concept of Sweet Home, though like many “story trailers” for games, it doesn’t do a whole lot to let you know how it actually plays. If you’re more keen on the live action portions of the short, you can watch the whole movie here for free, but beware, it’s pretty darn slow. You might be better off watching Hausu instead

And I guess that’s about it for Halloween at Destructoid this year. If you did something spooky tonight, tell me about it. All I did was fill out a mortgage application while developing a cold sore. Pretty scary stuff, but not really in the way that makes for a good story. If you have a better one, I’m all ears. 

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