UK prisons ban new-gen consoles. Um, should they be there in the first place?

I’ve complained in the past about PlayStation 2 consoles being given to young inmates, but today’s news is even more ridiculous. It is today being reported that UK prisons have barred all of the latest generation consoles from being used by inmates — not because they’re prisoners and shouldn’t be awarded expensive luxuries — but because the WiFi capabilities could help them send messages of criminal crime.

Now I’m sorry, but the driving factor behind a console ban should be that they’re frigging criminals, not because they could send Miis over the ‘net that are capable of murder or find a way to rape people via a Gears of War deathmatch.  What’s scary is they originally only barred PS3s and have just now decided not to give the scumbags Microsoft or Nintendo systems. Does that mean they were given them in the first place? That is crap. That is utter, utter crap. 

A source already told professional piss-rag The Sun that there are existing concerns that top terror suspects have been using the latest games consoles to aid them in terror activities. If that’s the case — what were top terror suspects doing with Xboxes!? Am I the only one to find that just a little bit messed up? This news comes from a secret government report that also shares concerns with all types of consoles and is considering a complete ban on all machines. There’s no indication that the report suggested that giving toys and games to prisoners was a twisted idea in the first place. What a farce.

[Cheers, Justin]

James Stephanie Sterling