Ubisoft’s new game is for all the singer ladies (and men too)

Jordan approved this dumb headline, yell at him

In the easily-Instagramable now that we live in, people expect to be able to capture and share everything that happens. Bonus points if there’s quick access to some sort of production values. It’s why everyone on Snapchat has a dog face. It’s there, it’s quirky, it might get some Facebook likes.

Ubisoft knows exactly who it’s catering to with its new game Just Sing. Unlike its other music titles (Just Dance, Rocksmith), Just Sing is less about competition and more about creating something that’s shareable. That’s evident by the focus of this trailer. There seems to be some sort of performance indicator on the screen, but everyone involved is more interested in the way they look and the filters they can add. Even the press release we were sent emphasizes several times that lip-syncing is as good as actually singing. Talent is fine, but the illusion of talent is just as fine.

While Just Sing can take advantage of Xbox One’s Kinect or the PlayStation Camera, that’s not the main draw. The hook is that your phone acts as the microphone and camera via a free companion app. From there, your performance is presumably ready to be posted to the dankest social media sites.

The song list is equally indicative of who this game is for. Aside from some rogue ’60s blues and Three Doors Down, the highlighted artists are the likes of Justin Beiber, One Direction, Meghan Trainor, and Maroon 5. 

Just Sing releases relatively soon on September 6 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In a lot of ways, it seems like a surefire seller. As for the quality of Just Sing? Most people will probably value it the exact same amount they value their friends’ reactions to it.

Brett Makedonski
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