Two best friends almost couldn’t play this game repped by Matt McMuscles

But thanks to Funky Mode, all was forgiven

We may have already recapped our PAX East coverage for this year, but I plan to keep dribbling out time-insensitive posts for at least another week. Case in point, some small talk with Matt McMuscles from the Two Best Friends Play series. He’s been helping out with development and marketing for The Takeover, a new beat-’em-up that pays tributes to the classics without being a slave to their particulars.

The game is on Steam Early Access right now, and will be coming to Switch soon enough. We chatted with Matt about the co-op surprise in the demo he brought to the show, the boss fight with The Baz, and even the Xbox One. That last topic didn’t last very long though. 

Thanks again for taking the time Matt. Few can pack banter into a video game YouTube like you can. 

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