Twitch-based FPS Reflex reborn on Steam Early Access

If at first you don’t succeed…

After an unsuccessful attempt at securing funding through Kickstarter, the twitch competitive first-person shooter Reflex is back and now available on Steam Early Access. This is great news for fans of the old-school arena-based shooters. Reflex‘s promise of combining modern tech with the speed, precision, and freedom of a ’90s shooter is an idea I can definitely get behind.

Like all Early Access titles, be aware of what you’re getting into before buying in. Turbo Pixel Studios has issued this statement in regards to the current build: “The game is currently at a prototype state. We don’t have all the modes. The weapons are not final. The UI is ugly and basic. Most of the art is missing. We don’t have matchmaking. We don’t have bots. Game development is a slow process, especially for a small team. Reflex is not yet competition ready.”

While in this state, the Early Access title is not a great fit for everybody, but it’s a pretty great setup for hardcore fans of the genre that would like to show some financial support and as a means for the original Kickstarter backers to regroup under another banner.

If you’d like to learn more about the project, make sure to check out Reflex‘s official site or visit the title’s Steam Early Access page for details on what’s available in the current build and what the studio has planned to add over time.

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