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Tron: Identity gets new gameplay trailer and an April release date

Enter the Grid

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The computer springs back to life next month. Bithell Games’ narrative-driven adventure Tron: Identity has locked in a release date for April 11, alongside a new gameplay trailer.

The Bithell crew have released numerous recognizable indie games, and this isn’t their first entertainment adaptation either; in 2019, the studio released the strategy game John Wick Hex. But with Tron: Identity, Bithell Games is tackling Disney’s story about a world inside the computer.

Tron: Identity sees you enter the Grid in pursuit of the truth, in a very noir detective style. Forging alliances and making choices are all on the table, as well as some puzzles to solve. It’s an interesting style, but one that seems like interesting fodder for a new Tron game. The art and look of everything, from the characters to the interfaces, suits the mood quite well too.

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I’ve been a fan of Bithell Games’ work on previous narrative outings like Subsurface Circular and Quarantine Circular, so I’m very interested to see what the crew does with Tron: Identity. The mystery and intrigue suits the world of the Grid well, and the branching paths shown in the gameplay trailer today have me wondering how different the outcomes will be as players hunt the truth throughout Identity.

Plus, that disc-shaped puzzle game that seemed to have some card game-like elements calls to me, too. I will probably get very, very distracted from the main plot by whatever is going on there.

Tron: Identity brings a new mystery to the Grid on April 11 for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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