Toys’R’Us exclusive BioShock 2 figure pack gives me ‘do want’ pains

Looking for a good deal on NECA’s BioShock 2 figures? Look no further than Toys”R”Us.

Our sister site Tompop noticed that the retailer is listing an exclusive BioShock 2 figure two pack, featuring Big Sister and Little Sister. Big Sister comes equipped with a backpack cage, perfect for carrying Little Sister; Little Sister comes with an ADAM syringe, perfect for harvesting your G.I. Joes. The pack will cost you $19.99, which seems like a pricing error the deal’s so good. Toys”R”Us says the pack ships on February 4, a few days before gamers can start re-exploring Rapture in BioShock 2.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say that these figures are way cooler than Kid Sister, the female counterpart to the popular 80s doll, My Buddy. That thing was creepier than anything 2K Marin have decided to include in BioShock 2.

ToysRUs will sell an exclusive BioShock 2 two pack that you’ll want [Tomopop]

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