Top 10 scariest monster encounters in the Resident Evil 4 remake

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Resident Evil 4 might not be the scariest entry in the franchise, but it does feature some of Leon Kennedy’s most desperate, action-packed moments. On his quest to save the president,s daughter, Ashley, our hero fights his way through waves of infected villagers as well as some humongous monsters. Some of these foes are gigantic beasts, swaggering about and hurl boulders, while others are more agile and strategic, forcing Leon to carefully plan his attacks.

Thanks to Resident Evil 4 Remake, gamers can experience these exhilarating encounters once again, though due to the visual upgrades, things are more breathtaking than ever. The following 10 enemy encounters are, inarguably, some of the scariest in the entire game.

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10. Chainsaw Man First Encounter

Leon’s journey takes him to a rural village in Spain. All seems well at first, though it doesn’t take long before he’s being pursued by hordes of deranged villagers. As if the situation wasn’t dire enough, the Chainsaw Man joins the pursuit not long after. This foe wears a sack over his head and wields a buzzing chainsaw which he waves everywhere. Unlike the rest of the villagers, it requires a lot more than a few bullets to take him down.

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9. El Gigante

El Gigante isn’t the prettiest fellow around. The massive monster is hunchbacked, has a small head, and resorts to throwing rocks to settle disputes. Attacking the cretin head-on will halt it, though to defeat it once and for all, Leon must destroy the parasite erupting from its back.

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8. Chainsaw Sisters

The murderous Chainsaw Sisters are double the trouble, and they come with a flood of zombified villagers. During the encounter, it’s best to have Ashley hide in a locker while Leon throws everything he has at the Chainsaw Sisters. Once they’re down, Leon can pick up the crank he needs to escape with Ashley.

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7. Del Lago

Del Lago arrives with a splash, and nothing but harpoons will take it down. Leon defeats the beast in one of the most exciting encounters, as Del Lago pursues him while he flees in a speedboat. It is one of the first massive enemies Leon battles, and it is not easily forgotten.

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6. Ramon Salazar

Ramon Salazar is a short, unintimidating man that players come across a few times during Resident Evil 4 Remake. It is only in Chapter 12 that Salazar takes his true form as a repulsive creature. It takes plenty of bullets to destroy Salazar, though he can also be killed with a golden egg, or two.

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5. Plagas Arana

The scariest monsters aren’t always the biggest. When Leon is traveling down a passage in Chapter 8, he will see a spider-like creature, the Plagas, skitter on the ceiling and out of sight. Seconds later, the Plagas will jump on the back of a villager, and together they become an agile foe known as the Plagas Arana. The encounter is a bit of a jump scare, and it requires fast reflexes to take the enemy down as it races toward Leon.

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4. Osmund Saddler

Resident Evil 4 Remake‘s final boss is Osmund Saddler, who is the head of the Los Illuminados cult. When he takes on his monster form, he reveals himself to be a grotesque beast with many eyes and a long tail. The enemy is taken down in multiple phases, with the death blow coming courtesy of a rocket launcher.

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3. Garrador

While traveling with Ashley in Chapter 7, Leon will be briefly separated from her when he falls the through the floor and finds himself face-to-face with a chained cretin. The Garrador is blind, so it relies on its hearing. It has long claws it swings wildly, which means Leon’s evasion skills need to be on point.

2. Armored El Gigante

The first encounter with El Gigante is exciting, though it is quickly overshadowed by other spectacular monsters. However, it isn’t the last time Leon will face this creature. In Chapter 8, the Armored El Gigante makes an appearance. Bullets won’t suffice this time around, and Leon has to make use of cannons to finally topple him.

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1. Bitores Mendez

Bitores Mendez is easily Resident Evil 4 Remake‘s scariest enemy. The man undergoes a horrifying transformation that turns him into a many-armed monster. While dodging flames, Leon also has to evade the quick strikes from the beast. Mendez doesn’t go down easily, and Leon will have to throw everything he has at him if he hopes to make it out alive.

For gamers who want more Resident Evil 4 Remake terror, there is the upcoming VR mode to look out for. Capcom has yet to reveal its release date, though development is underway. If it is anything like the Resident Evil Village VR mode, it is sure to be an experience that will leave players with goosebumps.

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