Tokyo: A tame 3DS kiosk appears!

Not wild. Tame. Tame as in there’s no one in line to play these things. Pre-orders are sold out all over Tokyo, but when I went to Bic Camera in Shinjuku to get in some 3DS time on these demo stations, the roped off area for a line had no line! I got my time in and stood back to see if anyone else wanted a go. Nada. A few return trips from some younger kids, sure, but not much else. Maybe they had their fill at the recent Nintendo World 2011 event here in Japan.

After 0 minutes wait I got my hands on the now final Aqua Blue 3DS and got my pet on with Nintendogs + Cats. I furiously petted a Husky pup with my fingertips until the above pictured attendant insisted that I use the fancy new stylus. I used said stylus to poke at the paws of a cat, who quickly pulled them away. Bitch ass cat. I used the 3D slider to push that bitchy cat down into 2D as punishment.

After playing I was handed an official guidebook for the 3DS launch. In it I found about 40 pages of game images and product shots. All the cool teased titles, like Starfox 3D and Project Love Plus, had crap for images. Games like Street Fighter IV and Pilotwings got the big spreads.

Surrounding this demo area were several painful reminders that the 3DS is all pre-ordered up. They had plenty of pre-orders open for the games, though. A lol’d at the idea of another system launch Ridge Racer and then went about my day.

Dale North