Timmy & Tommy Nook amiibo, a Target exclusive, up on Amazon

Haha what

Outside of the US, you lucky folk have generally not had to deal with the exclusive amiibo nonsense. Pre Wave 5, it was pretty damn terrible, but now Nintendo has gotten it together and has started actually providing lots of stock. Roy has been up for pre-order for literal days on end — it brings me back to the pre-Wave 1, pre-craze days.

But something odd is happening with Timmy & Tommy Nook. It was a Target exclusive, but now is up on Amazon for pre-order. Some have suggested that due to the middling response to Target’s last few exclusives (Dr. Mario and Lottie), they backed out of the deal or didn’t commit to some degree. That’s too big of a mixup to just be coincidence, but we’ve reached out to Nintendo regardless.

For now, you can press your luck. No Whammies!

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