Throw down some cards in this Monster Hunter Generations DLC

Card battles a plenty!

November’s DLC pack for Monster Hunter Generations is big on the Yu-Gi-Oh fan service. Through some new special quests, players will be able to unlock costumes based on Magi, Baki the Grappler, and a Palico set based on Dark Magician Nyanta. There is also a Devil May Cry-themed Dante set for your Palicos, which sounds awesome.

In addition to these costumes, there are a plethora of new quests to keep hunters busy. To obtain them, you simply need to select the “Download” option from the main menu and follow the on-screen prompts. There are some steps to take in-game to access the quests, but those are all outlined on the official Capcom Blog.

I did finally manage to get Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate a few months ago and I’m blown away at how addictive it is. The game really emphasizes skill over everything, even if a lot of the content is recycled through the series. I wish a proper HD version could be made (3: Ultimate on Wii U looked like an upscaled Wii game), but maybe the Switch will finally prompt Capcom to try something new.

Monster Hunter Generations: November Free DLC pack [Capcom Unity]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.