Through the Looking Glass:
Second Life, Kurt Vonnegut, and more

Kurt Vonnegut

“The Infinite Mind becomes the first national broadcast to establish an on-going presence in a virtual world.”

John Hockenberry and the award-winning Infinite Mind radio program just concluded recording the last of the Second Life interviews that will comprise their series on virtual worlds, known as Through the Looking Glass. Every guest had an avatar designed for their interview, with tonight’s final guest, author Kurt Vonnegut as a much younger-looking avatar, as noted by SL blogger W. James Au at New World Notes when it first hit SL.

This was really odd during the interview because Vonnegut sounds so OLD, even saying at some point, “I wouldn’t mind pushing up daisies, I like to sleep.” For being a self-professed Luddite, though, Vonnegut did have some positive feedback on SL.

Then again, I doubt he’ll ever be like the gamer that is Old Grandma Hardcore (video after the jump).



Other interviews included “The Mother of mp3,” Suzanne Vega (cheesy, over-the-top edited video here), artist John Maeda, and Smart Mobs author and cultural critic, Howard Rheingold.

You can check back here as the interviews are slowly archived for your viewing pleasure.

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