Weekend Destructainment:
9 videos to make you go WTF.

Hey, want to see Mario’s 8 Bit penis? Of course you do. [Via AeroPause]What’s making you giggle like a little school girl today? There was a virtual reality Street Fighter ride?!!? Wow. [Via Kotaku]Console Wars — Episode 4 part 1 [Via Go Nintendo]Console Wars — Episode 4 part 2 [Via Go Nintendo]Console Wars — Episode 4 part 3 [Via Go Nintendo]The intro to the Pac Man cartoon [Via Kotaku]The Japanese Famicom SMB Minus World was a LOT different from the American Minus Worlds. HEY MARIO! You just passed Princess Peach! Oh that’s ok, there she is again … and again … and again …They have been making some great commercials to promote the Xbox 360. This one is called Cops and Robbers. [Via AeroPause]The Civilization 4 trailer. I’d expect addiction to WoW and Everquest, not Civilization.

Hamza Aziz