THQ bigwig: The Wii is a Monopoly box in a closet

Mention the Wii in these circles, and some potentially upsetting comment isn’t far away. Calling it a “Monopoly box in a closet,” THQ SVP of Creative Development Danny Bilson has shared an opinion on Nintendo’s little white waggle box that mirrors those of quite a few so-called “core” gamers. 

“The Wii is a Monopoly box in a closet! I’ve got my Wii Sports and I’m good,” he explains. “I take it out, get the family around, we flail around for a couple hours, and we’re happy until next month when we take it out, or maybe for junior’s birthday, I’m going to buy him a Mario game.”

Amusingly, Bilson practically admits that he doesn’t plan to help make the Wii a better system for games: “Right now, we’re not moving hardcore stuff to the Wii. We were; we stopped it, just because we’re a little risk averse.” He states the Wii is full of “junk,” but he’s a “big believer” in casual family titles. Don’t they tend to be the same thing?

Jim Sterling