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[This Week in the Community is your weekly look at some of the best Community related work that has come from the Community Blogs and Forums.]

Highlights spotlight shines bright on the talented Edco. He got his hands on ModNation Racers and has built a custom ride based on Destructoid. Edco also made a Mr. Destructoid racer! Both are available for download and you can find out how through Edco’s C Blog.

Guncannon made an awesome animation based on Bit Transmission, E3 was good times, grunchk1n made a Mr. Destructoid cake, Funktastic ain’t human and more happened within the community over the last couple of weeks!

Guncannon is making an awesome animation starring the cast of Bit Transmission!

Ceark got the prizes he won for The Dishwasher contest!

Look at these cool things Beyamor made!

teknomcr got to go to E3 and he took a ton of stunning photos!

Happy three years to JACK of No Trades!

Occams electric toothbrush has a crush on mrandydixon. Or something.

bluerob is working on something pretty sweet. We crashed the Scott Pilgrim party at E3. So did SenorDoucheoisie. Check out his recount of the party!

So Cadtalfryn had a good time at E3.

grunchk1n made this delicious looking Mr. Destructoid cake. Looks really yummy! ALSO, BABIES!

We have a ton of talented artists that cross the sea of Destructoid. Manic Maverick is one such talent as evidence by all the awesome community drawings he has made.

321gocast, episode 18!

A drawing … OF TEAMWORK!

Dtoid community discusses 3DS hype.

Husky Hog live blogged our trip down to E3. It was so exciting. Not really.

Sargonas, some guy we picked up on the side of the road, blogged about the drive down to LA from San Francisco. Creepy hotels, beach time fun and dressers propped up with bricks. NEAT HOTEL!

Funktastic is like the Hulk. He can only live if he continually grows his videogame collection. Or something. I had a funnier analogy but forgot it.

AlucardX24 met Hideo Kojima … !

Animucast, episode 13.

LAPD (Los Angeles Podcast of Destructoid) debuts on the blogs. Oh my word! Check out the first episode NOW!

I don’t even know what’s going on here.

Community member y0jimb0 gets interviewed on the C Blogs.

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