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E3 2010 in pics

Here are a few pictures I was able to snap at E3.

Plants Vs. Zombies: Breakdance Fighting

From the outside

From the inside

Killzone Helghast

Obligatory Nintendo 3DS pic

Welcome to New Vegas indeed

I cannot wait to play the full game

Sonic giving his fighting stance

Splatterhouse in all it's gory

Super cute mini Square Enix figures

Method Man and Red Man causin' havok at the Konami area. (at least I think that's who it was!)

Link slideshow inside of the Zelda Skyward Sword area

Julio rockin some augmented reality 3DS action

Ben showing off his moves (and awesome shirt) to Konami's DanceMasters

These people are experiencing Sony 3D action

This was super cool, a giant robot that opened up. You could go in from behind (hehe) and when the chest opened up you look like you were sitting in it.

Those are just a few pictures of a bunch I took. Feel free to browse the rest of the bunch:
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