This Week in the Community: Beastoid

[This Week in the Community is your weekly look at some of the best Community related work that has come from the Community Blogs and Forums.]

Odber made this really awesome tribute to the third-year anniversary for RetroforceGO! The show may be over, but the memory will always live on strong!

Beastoid is a scary thing, Skribble makes some awesome art, pick a custom Dtoid background, pie and lots more happened the last couple of weeks.

Andrew Kauz got some sweet gifts from Kraid. They are also sweet lovers.

Faith continues to impress with her bead art skills.

This Princess Daisy figure by ekoala2002 shows that people still care about Daisy.

I love Skribble’s art! Check out what he’s been up to lately.

Retro posters attacked VashTS.

Dtoid Midwest has some things going on this month! Excite!

You are now free to pick what kind of background you want on Destructoid. Pick from white, black or ? at the top right of the site.

kjohnson1585 loves his Super Mario Bros.

Beastoid is a thing of wonder and beauty.

Funktastic will never stop collecting, even if it means the death of him!


Cute baby pictures from Tattoojoe3rd. AWWW!

Mr. Destructoid goes on an adventure in PlayStation Home.

Awesome things happened at the Lost Planet 2 sleepover here in San Francisco.

FanimeCon is happening next weekend in San Jose!

Animucast episode 11.

Mr. Destructoid invades 3D Dot Heroes!

Happy birthday wishes go out to Phantomile, sonicmario, ClownBaby, Jon Bloodspray, IcarusKills, Double J, DJ Duffy, RiotMonster and DougCL!

Hamza Aziz