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Surprise Memory Attack: It Came From The Attic

A few years back, I had a small collection of old Nintendo Power magazines. One day I ended up getting rid of them. I mean, who in thier right mind collects magazines anyway. Before I did that I went through each one of them and recovered the glory that is the Nintendo Power Posters included in each issue. Until recently they were stashed in my closet waiting te be let loose on my bedroom walls. Unfortunately, I recently moved into my brother's old bedroom and happened to forget what I did with this treasurebox of memories.

I always wondered if my parents or I removed them from this household. I checked my attic the other day, where almost everything seems to end up. I found some really cool stuff up there, including some old game boxes with everything in them (except the games) and of course the lost stash. The box I've been thinking about the past few years has finally been recovered.

I choose to share only the best of the collection but I may share more if people are willing to care. These pieces of glorified art may have to recieve the royal treatment of being framed (the top 4 at the very least).

Because all of you demanded it!!!

Heres some awesome old game boxes I found also.

Bonus-toid: I made this in a class I had recently.

What's in your attic or basement?
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