This Spider-Man: Miles Morales commercial has me all keyed up

To quote the Barenaked Ladies: ‘One Week’

Ever feel as though life has hurtled you helplessly through the air, leaving you to plink off of a taxi cab and go crashing into an electrical box? When you’re down and out, just say to yourself “Remember, I’m Spider-Man.*”

Sony has produced a 30-second TV ad for Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and let me be perfectly succinct here: It gets the job done. It’s devilishly simple. Just a lot of web-slingin’ and ass-kickin’. That’s what you want from a Spider-Man game and it’s also what you want from a Spider-Man commercial.

Anyway, watching this will probably get you geared the hell up for next week. Seven more days until PS5 is here, and seven more days until a new Spider-Man game. Hell yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

*Probably only works if you’re actually Spider-Man

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