This new Saints Row 2022 trailer shows you everything you need to know

Saints Row trailer

The overview video goes over quite a bit

If you were curious about checking out the new entry, this Saints Row trailer (which hit YouTube this week) should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Taking place in Santo Ileso (which is an amalgamation of the American Southwest), you’ll join up with your in-game buddies (Neenah [get-away driver], Eli [behind-the-scenes assistant], and Kevin [on-the-field partner]) as well as your out-of-game-buddies (with co-op) to reform the Saints in this new reboot universe. Amid commentary from in-universe characters, this six-minute Saints Row trailer walks you through the core concepts: creating your criminal empire, and exploring Santo Ileso. Even if you aren’t interested in the story at all, the trailer does a pretty good job of showcasing general mechanics, like the customization options, side mission activities, and modes of locomotion (including gliding).

It’ll be really interesting to see the audience reaction here. Based on my prior hands-on I really dig the world map, but the general vibe and tone are going to hit differently depending on what kind of Saints Row fan you are. After all, the series has kind of been all over the place on that front, and it’s really hard to top the prior “aliens/superpowers/hell” combo. Rebooting and resetting made perfect sense.

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