This new Final Fantasy 3DS game has a symbol in its name I can’t recreate on my computer

I would play the hell out of this

This year is the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy and Square-Enix is continuing the celebration on the Nintendo 3DS. At its anniversary celebration today, the company revealed its free-to-play mobile game Pictlogica Final Fantasy is coming to the handheld as Pictlogica Final Fantasy ≒ on July 13. That symbol at the end there apparently means “approximately equal” and I had a hell of a time finding out how to make that on my Mac.

Pictlogica takes the nonogram puzzle formula, more commonly known to gamers as Picross, and turns it into an RPG with battles against classic Final Fantasy enemies. After watching the trailer below, I’m really hoping this finds its way west because it looks righteous.

Pictlogica will feature more than 300 puzzles and 160 Final Fantasy characters, one of which better be Cactaur!

Pictlogica Final Fantasy ≒ for Nintendo 3DS Announced by Square Enix [DualShockers]

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