This map shows where to find Pok?mon in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Bob has done it again

On my journey to obtain every Pokémon in X/Y (and eventually give many of them away; no regrets!), this map of catchable Pokémon created by reddit user Bobdor was instrumental. It got my Pokédex off to a great start and helped familiarize me with the then-unfamiliar Kalos region.

Bob has since come out with a similar map for Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire showing where to find Pokémon in Hoenn and what, if anything extra, you’ll need to catch them. So helpful.

I’m not playing the remakes yet — I’ll wait until I don’t have quite as many games fighting for my attention, most likely — but plenty of you are. Hope this serves you well.

[Via reddit]

Also, found this today (Godzilla for scale):

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