These Nioh screens are magnificent


Man, Disney World used to have a badass mythology museum in the Japan area of Epcot, which showcased a bunch of creatures like Tengu, Kappa, and Kitsune. Now it’s a “Kawaii Museum,” which is still neat, but the former was just so wonderfully laid out.

It appears as if some of those mythological beings will be making it into Nioh, based on these new screenshots from Tecmo Koei. But most importantly, it seems like there’s still going to be a lot of humanoid fights outside of the betas we’ve gotten, which I really dig. That Tengu on the bridge though? If that’s not a bullshot, it looks pretty damn tense.

Like a Souls game I don’t want anything spoiled before February rolls around, but drops like these are making it tough to not at least look.

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