There’s now a cheaper starter edition of Overkill’s The Walking Dead

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Overkill’s The Walking Dead hasn’t been met with the best reception. A confused mess of a shooter, the game’s main hook is its co-op gameplay and with a lack of players, it’s hard to see what the true intention of the entire endeavor really is. In a move to get more people playing, a new starter edition of the game is available for purchase.

Going for $30, Overkill’s The Walking Dead Starter Edition is available on each platform. “One of the most active topics of conversation since launch has been the price,” said Overkill. “Having read your comments and thoughts about how best to move forward, we’re introducing the Starter Edition.” To that end, this starter edition will grant players access to all “Season One” content with the ability to purchase additional episodes after.

Season one is, apparently, all of the content the game launched with. Previous owners will be given season two for free. In a nice bonus, owners of the starter edition can be invited to games hosted by standard edition owners and play season two content without paying for it. There are no level caps or restrictions on unlocks, either, so this seems like the best way to try out the shooter if you’re interested.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead spawns $30 Starter Edition [VG 24/7]

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