There is a ‘Not my president’ anti-Trump protest going on in Club Penguin

Penguins, get in formation!

You read that right. I did some gonzo journalism and joined up with an ongoing “Not my president” anti-Donald Trump protest in Disney’s kid-friendly Club Penguin. Judging by the above tweet, the protest has been going on for hours and doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. 

When I joined the blizzard server as DaddysBoy369 (12YOWithoutSupervision69 was too long), I was greeted by tons of other penguins repeatedly saying “Not my president” and “I’m with her.” As you’d expect there were a few anti-protestors there trying to quell the voices of their fellow penguins, though they were having trouble coming up with anything deeper than “I’m with him” and “He is my president.” 

Am I a real journalist yet? Does this mean I get my checkmark on Twitter? Please?

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