Dear Microsoft, please let me block Minecraft invites on Xbox Live before I lose my mind


Also let me change the capitalization on my Gamertag while you're at it

"You've been invited to play Minecraft by 12YOWithoutSupervision69"
"You've been invited to play Minecraft by 12YOWithoutSupervision69"
"You've been invited to play Minecraft by 12YOWithoutSupervision69"
"You've been invited to play Minecraft by 12YOWithoutSupervision69"

This is what my life has been like recently the moment I turn on my Xbox One or make the mistake of signing in on the PC or mobile apps. Why? 

Because I recently changed my Gamertag to just my first name "Jed" when Microsoft freed up a bunch of unused names earlier this year. I had been trying to get this name for literally years during the various purges of dormant tags, and finally, I got it. You should have been there. I was refreshing over and over all day and when I finally got through I put my hands in the air and cheered while in the middle of a crowded Buffalo Wild Wings. Little did I know that it would make my Xbox gaming experience a never-ending Minecraft invitation Hell.

Since Minecraft was purchased by Microsoft, it has since integrated Xbox Live services into the mobile and Windows 10 versions of the popular game, meaning little Jimmy who has no idea what he is doing is trying to invite his friend also named Jed to play with him, but is instead spamming me with invites and messages. 

Now, I know what you're saying. "What's the big deal, it's just a notification and can't you just block them?" If only it were that easy. You see, when I get an invite, it alerts me across various devices all at the same time meaning it pops up on not only my Xbox One but also my phone and twice on my PC since I like to use the beta version of the Xbox Windows 10 app which for some reason installs separately from the uninstallable default Xbox app. I literally get notified four times at once, which is especially annoying if I'm streaming my Xbox One to my PC, as one can do.

It isn't just one invite, either. I get tons of invites per day. Apparently, you can also just spam the invite button in Minecraft as much as you want because sometimes I'll get notifications over and over till I block the person sending them, which is my only option to stop it from happening aside from turning off notifications altogether. The problem with that is Xbox offers you no way to easily get to someone's profile from a game invite, unlike messages where you can block the person from there or go to their profile. Instead, I have to write down the Gamertag, search for the person, and then block them. Blocking only provides temporary relief because, and I'm just guessing here, you can easily make a new Gamertag on mobile versions of Minecraft, as a majority of invites are from Minecraft: PE aka Pocket Edition.

Thing is, I'm not the only person having this problem. Shortly after changing my tag I ran across a guy with the tag of "Jimmy" on Xbox Live while playing the recently shat-out Uno for review that confirmed he too gets tons of invites to play Minecraft from mobile devices. A search on the Xbox One subreddit reveals lots of people with shorter Gamertags such as Major, Butts, Nadia, Elmo, Five, Wilson, and others having the exact same invite spam.

Aside from setting invites to friends only, which is very inconvenient for someone like me that often groups up with strangers in Overwatch or review copies of games, there is no real option. I've even put a message at the top of my profile that I don't play Minecraft, which has had little to no impact from what I can tell. 

So what I'm saying begging for, Microsoft, is a way to block invites to specific games and possibly players 12 and under, as most of these invites seemingly come from children. I realize this is only impacting people with short Gamertags that are names or a single word, but it is still very much a problem. Also, while you're at it, could you please capitalize my Gamertag?

When I finally snagged it I hurriedly changed it without realizing that capitalization matters, even though someone can't grab the capitalized version as they are both tied to me. I've contacted support and they claim they can't change it, which sucks because many games use fonts that have the letter "J" looking like a lowercase letter "I." I mean, it is the least you can do! Plus I gave Gears of War 4 a 9.5, so that has to count for something, right? Something, something, collusion?


Jed "Please stop fucking inviting me to play Minecraft" Whitaker.

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