The Weekend Hotness: Pierce the Heavens

I’m obsessed with everything Gurren Lagann and will use any excuse to post about it now. Kind of like how I do it with pointless posts in regards to boobs. Anyway, this cosplay of Gurren Lagann is simply amazing. 

Jim debuted his new videogame show that he has done for you all to watch and enjoy with happyness, Sony needs to STFU, Brad Rice is getting in shape with EA Sports’ Active, Segasonicdude made the Mr. Destructoid Entertainment System, we reviewed Bit.Trip Core, Conrad previewed Mafia II, everyone tripped out at the sex-crazed Mario rampage video and plenty more happened this past weekend. 

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Weekend Destructainment: Everybody’s Super Sonic Racing
Sony needs to just STFU
Best of the Network this week
Discountoid: Guitar Hero kits, House of the Dead and more
This Week in the Community: Just what is a Starfy?
Games of the week for 07/12/09: Babylon Zoo edition
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Halo-Life: Call of TurokShock: The best FPS you never played
Being an RPG girl in a FPS world
The Mr. Destructoid Entertainment System
Community blogs of 07/11/09 and 07/12/09
Forum of the day: Valve vs Atlus: who spoils more?

Bit.Trip Core
LEGO Battles
Peripherally Speaking: Transformers DS Lite case and stylus
Overlord: Minions

Mafia II

Button mash: Tekken 6 tourneys come to Comic-con

Madden 10 demo will be available for all later this month
G.I. Joe game has no porkchop sandwiches
Demon’s Souls dev doesn’t think the game is that hard
Blazblue sells more PS3 copies than 360: Console wars END!
Miyamoto: Mario Galaxy 2 is for ‘veteran gamers’
Gaikai creator talks smack about OnLive
Undead Knights rises in October
Lil’ Tommy Turnipseed: Ban war toys and war games, please!
Rumortoid: Tomb Raider reboot info and screens
38-in-1 Wii accessory kit is dum… ahhh, what’s the point
Math shows us when we’ll be getting new Battlefield levels
Preparing for the future, US Army developing Pip-Boy 3000
Carcassonne coming to DS
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom not coming to PS3 or 360… yet
Midway Games loses its name
Don’t be pissed, here comes Myst (to the PSP next week)
Once again Germany needs the worlds help
Dynasty Warriors crossbreeds with Souten Kouro for DLC
WoW having some issues, characters gone missing
Metroid Prime Trilogy coming to Europe later
Fallout 3 ‘update’ coming to PS3 next week
There is no Zelda timeline, stop trying
What’s going on at Techland

Five seconds of retro goodness coming your way
Scribblenaut artist does Street Fighter, Final Fantasy VII
Dr. Zilog’s chiptunes “My Girls,” with 8-bit video to match
Mario goes on a sex-crazed rampage
Evony ads bring new meaning to the term ‘booby trap’


Let’s watch some GoldenEye footage because its the weekend
Watch this ModNation Racers trailer unless you hate cuteness
Mass Effect 2 E3 2009 footage available for viewing (Update)
Attack of the Show celebrates 1,000 shows
Walk It Out is so terribly exciting it hurts
MagnaCarta 2’s Chain Break system explained, demonstrated
First trailer for Agent MOO: Maximum Overdeath

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