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Carcassonne coming to DS


Oh, how I loves me the board games. And I especially love it when board games come to videogame consoles because it means I don't have to make a mess and then clean it up or even have an appropriately-sized table to play them on. Or friends, for that matter.

So it is that the classic board game about medieval France made by Germans (who probably know France better than anyone, if you think about it) will be making its way to Nintendo's handheld. The game, which was long-ago released on XBLA, will come with the game's first expansion -- The River -- as well as Asian, Nordic and Arabic "worlds." What the latter means, I cannot begin to guess.

Carcassonne will have Download Play as well as Multi-Card, but no word yet on any online capability. Similarly, there's no firm release date other than, "later this year," and I'm not even sure the game will even come to North America (a DS version of the even-more popular Catan has yet to leave Europe). I will say that I will be acquiring this game by whatever means is necessary on release. I have to have more board games for roadtrips, if nothing else.

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