The Weekend Hotness: Meow pad

As seen on Weekend Destructainment: Cats love the iPad!

Some community blogs got promoted, Tony looked back at Robopon, Monster Hunter invades Lost Planet 2 and more happened over the weekend!

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Ubisoft: Splinter Cell could come to the PS3
Monster Hunter gets all up in Lost Planet 2
First part of NIER comic book is here for you to read
Retro games with a propaganda poster twist
Musician has song licensed for LittleBigPlanet 2
Want team-accurate camera angles in MLB 2K10? Try this
Infinity Ward is ‘dead,’ but may walk again
Contest: Win some shirts from 1UP shirts!
Activision treats its devs well, pays them millions
Miyamoto will never, ever retire
Crytek working with Move and Natal, exploring 3D
How to stay hard:Team Meat talks game difficulty design
SC Conviction publicity stunt almost causes a shooting
Prince of Persia comic is out and can be read

Mega Man made out of Post-it Notes is an awesome thing


Sniper: Ghost Warrior gives you its locales
Epic four part making of SH 2 over at Video.Destructoid
First footage of Pokemon Black/White makes ’em squeal
Details on Halo: Reach’s ‘Invasion’ multiplayer

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