The Weekend Hotness: Konami, what are you doing?

This is how Konami kills its own game’s sales: First, it showcases Snake Eater for the 3DS and promises to incorporate elements from Peace Walker. Next, it bumps the game’s status down from tweaked remake to straight PS2 port. Then, it announces an HD collection for home consoles containing Solid 3 as well as Solid 2 and Peace Walker. Finally, it announces that the HD Collection will also be coming to the Vita. Ballsy play, Konami.

This weekend was all about the Tokyo Game Show, and I hope you came out of the experience a better, more enlightened person. I know I have! In addition to tons of news, previews, and footage of Japanese pole dancers, we also have video from last month’s joint Destructoid / ScrewAttack PAX panel. Check it all out! Do it!

Destructoid Original:
Live show: It’s all in the cards on Hangover
That’s So MMO!: Wee Warriors
TGS: Hear what Japanese students think of Western games
Comments of the week: Busst Stop
Our favorite games of Tokyo Game Show 2011
Weekend Mobile roundup: Hit Jim Sterling in the face!

Community blogs of 9/17 & 9/18
Forum thread of the day: Looking for, possibly, a game (maybe mod) called Wild Wild West

PAX (yes, PAX!) Video:
Huzzah! The Destructoid / ScrewAttack PAX panel vid is up

TGS 11 Previews:
TGS: NIS does something new with Clan of Champions
TGS: Dragon’s Dogma, now with hot lesbian action
TGS: Quick hands-on with Sonic Generations on the 3DS
TGS: Asura’s Wrath is totally not like having diarrhea
TGS: Lord of Apocalypse, Vita’s first action RPG
TGS: Ridge Racer: Launch game for life
TGS: Sine Mora is the game I’ve been waiting for too long
TGS: Shinobido 2 gives ninjas a home on the PS Vita
TGS: New arcade games still exist! Well, barely
TGS: SumiOni is not Okami
TGS: Phantasy Star Online 2 still has a way to go
TGS: Welcome Park, the PS Vita hardware tutorial

TGS 11 News:
TGS: The prettiest 3DS AR card I own
TGS: Record attendance on first day of show: 86,200
PS Vita memory cards might kill your wallet
Ni no Kuni PS3 is coming to the West

TGS 11 Media:
TGS: 80 Vita units was not nearly enough for this show
TGS: New Suikoden game announced…for PSP
TGS: The lovely ladies of Tokyo Game Show
TGS: The amazing Metal Gear Solid and Zone of Ender toys
TGS: Enjoy this gallery of Street Fighter X Tekken art
These MonHun Tri G videos look great, 2nd nub NOT NEEDED
The wonderful cosplayers of Tokyo Game Show
TGS: The Great Vita Boat Trip
TGS: And suddenly, strippers!
TGS: See Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD in action
TGS: Here’s Vergil in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Check out Cole’s beefy ways in Street Fighter X Tekken
Look! Fresh news and screens for Layton vs. Ace Attorney

Nubageddon UPDATE: Gaijin Games feels bad about slide pad
Snatch Ocarina of Time 3D on Amazon for $10 less
Rumor: No Scarecrow scenes in Batman: Arkham City
Battlefield 3 multiplayer information for you to devour
Keiji Inafune on the potential future of mobile gaming
Videogame helps scientists solve decade-old problem
Chrono Trigger and FFVI on PSN? SNES RPG overload!

Mega Man be trippin’ mega balls, yo
What do you make of the fan outcry for Mega Man Legends?

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