The Weekend Hotness: Jam out!

As seen on Weekend D: This Mega Man 2 cover was performed by the amazing Jam Project people. Fair warning: Your face will melt.

Left 4 Dead 2 is not an expansion, get a free comic from Sony, Noby Noby has reached Jupiter, a guy married a videogame and more happened over the weekend.

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More Project Natal at Gamefest 2010
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Actual good games are coming to the Wii Virtual Console
Get a free comic from Sony
PSN is Sony’s basis for taking over the world
Noby Noby Girl hits Jupiter, new planet for all
Left 4 Dead 2 on the PC gets a patch
The amazing SixthSense is really NVGR… yet
Mass Effect 2 surprise coming this week
Aonuma – “Nowadays, OoT is not that good”
3D isn’t everything says Miyamoto
Card game rips off NBA, King of Fighters simultaneously

Man and videogame are wed, face and palm meet again
Mario teams up with Rex for co-op in Super Mario World
Flairs ‘Truckers Delight’ music video is awesome and NSFW
Random: Ref uses 360 controller to control replays


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Need for Speed SHIFT delivers its first free DLC
Sony’s newest ‘everything’ ad is ver – STICK

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