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Cblogs of 11/21/09 and 11/22/09 + SilverDragonisms


So I spent all day Saturday at a Modern Warfare 2 LAN party. It was pretty disappointing considering Infinity Ward has disabled the ability to gain experience during LAN play. Absolutely nothing you do counts toward advancing your character. It's extremely annoying and it completely ruined the game for all of us. We attempted to go online, but getting all 9 people online from one location was not the easiest thing in the world. Suffice to say, MW2's LAN capability is complete crap and will probably make it a game that is never played at LAN parties.

Honestly, Modern Warfare 2 is about the only thing I've played the last week. I finally beat the single player, and that was some completely over-the-top shit. Did anyone else get completely confused as to what was going on plat wise those last 3-4 missions. I was having no problems following the story up to that point, and then the game just lost me. I personally think the ending to Modern Warfare 1 was much much better.

I'm just really looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday this coming weekend. I'm gonna use the time to catch up on some other gaming, which includes DJ Hero, Brutal Legend, Batman: AA, and probably New Super Mario Bros Wii. Trust me when I say that Wednesday night can't get here soon enough.

Well that's enough about me. Let's get on with the weekend cblog recaps shall we.

*-Wry GUy writes the definitive blog on how to properly use Goozex!

*-Elsa thinks you should give Online gaming a try if you haven't yet, no matter how many annoying assholes there are out there. You should listen to Elsa, she is wise beyond her many considerable years!

*-Slique created a giant Mega Man mural on his wall. Freaking awesome!

*-This might not be the best blog, but everyone needs to watch this video!

A-Animated Toupee explains why he loves Steam so much.

A-Monodi doesn't think that companies make sequels anymore, just expansion packs.

A-AfroWalrus explains why games are not movies or books.

A-Armless-Phelan lists some of the most insane bosses ever.

A-G-off thinks that parents should do a better of researching videogames and the messages they are teaching children.

S-Goodwill Hunting Episode 1: SNES and the Blank Cartridge. Would you buy a game with no label on it?

E-Trev is giving away a God of War 3 demo code.

E-Electro Lemon is giving away a Scribblenauts hat for this Jim Sterling image caption contest

E-ShiMuNi Night: New Moon Edition.

E-A new Destructoid Steam group has been created. Join now!

S-WalkYourPath has become a Staff Writer at Gamer Limit!

S-Congratz Manasteel88!

S-Animated Toupee threw a Windows 7 house party ... and decided to share pictures form the experience. Lots of alcohol was involved just FYI!

S-Ygro wok updates us on his gaming week (11-22-09)

I-Dragracedude introduces himself to the community

N-It appears that Bandai Namco is putting out a new Digimon RPG.

N-Is Valve going to bring the original survivors into L4D2?

V-Here's an interesting video of a map you can use to get better at TF2. It's pretty awesome actually.

T-I can't believe there is a person that exists who played Portal and didn't like it

T-Ozz236 talks about some iPhone games he enjoys playing.

T-Anastu shares his thoughts on the whole MW2 PC fiasco

T-TheDRMaster thinks campers have ruined the MW2 multiplayer experience

T-Jonathan Holmes is excited about Bit.Trip VOID and you should be too!

T-Bauhouse would rather be playing retro PC games than retro console games.

T-Brandon Holmes thinks Modern Warfare 2 is a great game, with a lot of flaws.

T-RoboLeader wonders why no one else liked Crysis.

T-Neo Gio wonders if video game characters are getting fat.

T-TeepotheGreat wonders if 2-D fighter are back, or if they are just hanging by a thread.

A-Whoah, it's a video game themed X-mas parade float with Mario and Halo.

M-Hear some song samples from Blip Fest '09.

R-Bauhouse thinks Nintendo is going to be handing out a lot of Pink Slips soon.

L-There are simply no words. This you just have to see for yourself!

F-Oh this is going to be fun ... buckle your seat belts everyone, it's going to get ugly ...

F-... some one had to actually give birth to this person and somehow attempt to raise them ...

F-... Unfortunately that poorly raised individual has made their way to Dtoid to punish us all ...

F-... but at least the header image is fun to look at ...

F-... actually, the longer I look at the header image, the more I feel my soul getting sucked away into oblivion ...

F-... and then it finally comes to an end .... WTF was that all about?

F-Ha-Puken, you should know better.

F-W .... T .... F .....

F-Blatant advertising of your off-site blog is not acceptable.

F-Why has there been so much FAIL this weekend. Where have all the good writers gone?

F-Why God .... WHY!!!!!!!


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