The Weekend Hotness: It begins…

Behold! The Dtoid E3 crew enjoys our last meal before sh*t gets real. Papa Niero covered the bill, so we made sure to run it up nice and high!

This weekend, the big news was most definitely the Nintendo Direct stream. The final Wii U controller… I’m sorry… “GamePad” design is investigated in more detail, we learn of some features of the OS, and Nintendo continues to produce the most awkward skits known to all mankind.

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What’s this? What’s this?
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Game Genie returns to consoles, shows PS3 version at E3
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Nintendo Direct: Wii U goes pro with Wii U Pro Controller
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Is there something to the texts in Super Mario Wii U?

Bungie’s Marathon Trilogy now available on iOS for free
Medal of Honor: Warfighter coming to PlayStation Vita?
Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation rumored for the PS Vita
Pokemon Conquest features a Dratini Pass
On The Media talks to Tim Schafer about being awesome
Senran Kagura sequel gets new enemies, same old boobs
Epic Games saves Big Huge Games staff, now Epic Baltimore

Final Fantasy XI anniversary concert tickets now on sale
Marble Madness remix album by Grant ‘stemage’ Henry rocks

XSEED shows off The Last Story Limited Edition
Withdraw into the desolate favelas of Papo & Yo
Kobito Dukan is the new cute-ugly 3DS sensation
Inversion weaponizes gravity for PS3, PC & 360 on Tuesday

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