The Weekend Hotness: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Kiss me I’m Irish

Here’s once to absent friends, and twice to absent enemies.

This weekend on Destructoid someone let Tony and Jonathan post a bunch of crazy stuff, which is all awesome and you should check out the off-beat section below. We’ve also got reviews of the new Gears of War, Ridiculous Fishing, and Vampire Crystals, more SimCity madness, a big patch for Skyrim, and all kinds of other fun stuff. 

Destructoid Originals:
Destructoid turns seven
Sup Holmes splices and dices with Edmund from Team Meat

Community blogs of 3/17
Forum thread of the day: God of War: Ascention
Bloggers Wanted: What’s your favorite Destructoid memory?
Dtoid TV Weekend: Drink until you’re green
Vote for your Teenage Pokemon T-shirt!

Tactical Intervention is early Counter-Strike but crazier

Review: Vampire Crystals
Review: Ridiculous Fishing
Review: Gears of War: Judgment

Daylight will be playable at PAX East

Phantasy Star celebrates 25 years with a symphony
Pony Fighter to be remade with help from MLP:FIM creator
EA censors its own support number on its forums
Dungeons & Dragons arcade games coming to PS3 and 360?
Farming and trucking sims anonymous
Check out the Skyrim beta for ‘Legendary’ features
Depression Quest dev reminds you not to read the comments
Ex-Nintendo chairman Howard Lincoln had big brass balls
Trio of Hyperdimension Neptunia games headed for PS Vita

Samus was almost naked in Super Metroid!?!?
halc delivers sweet Game Boy chiptune perfection
Incredible Zero Suit Samus art book can now be yours!
The Sonic / Mega Man comic fangasm continues
Daisy loves Luigi simply for who he is


Crafting ecosystems with poultry in Reus
Terraria screenshots show 4-player splitscreen action
Dashing for Dollars on Saturday Morning Hangover
Legend of Zelda hack puts Zelda in the starring role
Feast on vids for Guild02’s Monsters Come Out on Friday
Binding of Isaac remade with graphics made of paper
Majora’s Mask gains the mask-like face of Nicolas Cage


Joshua Derocher