The Weekend Hotness: Getting pumped for 2012

We still have a couple of weeks left before the new year, but it’s never too early to start looking forward to all the new games to come. What’s tickling your fancy so far?

This weekend, we still can’t believe that Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition is not a big prank, we hand out alternative end-of-year awards, the TtWaV remixes keep flooding in, a dating sim about disabled girls is around the corner, and Allistair gets kicked around for daring to review Battlefield 3 DLC.

Destructoid Original:
The DTOID Show: Is it really our last live show of 2011?!
Best of 2011: Totally Random Awards, Pt. 1
TtWaV video and remix update: Enter the Metal
Comments of the Week: Danny Glover’s House
Best of 2011: Totally Random Awards, Pt. 2
All Zombies Must Die! tomorrow on Mash Tactics

Community blogs of 12/17 & 12/18
Forum thread of the day: Wow today I….

25 Days: Win a Kindle Fire and EA mobile games!
25 Days: Win The Baconing on Steam plus swag!

Review: Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand
Review: iBuyPower HS11 tears down negative expectations

Club Nintendo in Japan gets slick golden Nunchuk
Jade Dynasty gets a new expansion
Hey, it’s Ludum Dare 22 and Minicraft!

Taking a page from the QWOPa Sutra
Dumb running Sonic is too funny for its own good
My Little Pony and Gabe Newell get Rhythm Heaven Fever
Genius! Someone made Deadly Premonition trading cards
BioWare held a grand tour for Kids with Cancer

Dating sim about disabled girls gets a release date
I’m now prepared to survive the Fall of Cybertron
Battlefield 3 TV spot by Freddie Wong & Corridor Digital
Resident Evil: Revelations Raid Mode Undead Stream
Pokemon + Nobunaga trailer will poke you in the naga

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